The “Europeade”, which was supposed to be held this summer in Klaipeda, has been postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This was confirmed by the president of the International organizational committee Rudiger Hess.

According to the Mayor of Klaipeda Vytautas Grubliauskas, the most rational decision regarding the date of the event is being discussed right now with the organizational committee of the “Europeade”. 

“No matter how sad it is to postpone the events, which Klaipeda fought for and the community has longed for, at this point, all of us have to understand that the most important factor is the health and safety of all of us. Currently, it is clear that this year’s summer will not be the time when we can hold events which attract thousands of people with absolutely no doubts or restrictions. That is why we are not only talking about the “Europeade”, but also other celebrations and looking for new alternatives”, – the mayor of Klaipeda states.

The president of the International “Europeade” organizational committee emphasizes in his letter that “Distance is currently the highest form of care – we are therefore strictly adhering to the recommendations and restrictions of the state authorities in order to minimize any risk to the health of our Europeade participants and guests”. The president of the “Europeade” has informed that he has already been in contact with the future Europeade cities of Trapani, Kielce and Gotha.  It is currently considered of the possibility of postponing the “Europeade” in the subsequent cities by one year at a time, because the goal is to organise the 57th Europeade in Lithuania in 2021. However, no decisions have fully been accepted.

A postponement to autumn was also considered, but no one really knows how the situation will develop. In addition, accommodation for the participants would not have been possible at a later date, due to the schools being back in operation, where we planned to accommodate them.

The first “Europeade” was held in 1964 in Antwerp, Belgium. In 2009, the “Europeade” was organized in Klaipeda and left a bright trace in cultural history. During that event, 4 200 people participated from 27 different regions of Europe. The “Europeade” quite rarely returns to the same city, that is why the decision of the International organizational committee to come back to Klaipeda is a big win for the city. This year the 57th “Europeade” was supposed to be held in Klaipeda.