From 5 to 9 August 2020, the port city will adopt the largest international European Folklore cultural Festival “Europeade” for the second time. The main objective of the festival is to foster European cultural diversity and strengthen friendship between peoples. This is why Europeade is so big for Europe. Europeade is organised annually in another country. The festival is extremely rare to return to the city already visited, so this is the exclusive accomplishment of Klaipeda. It is a festival that attracts thousands of Europeans and presents regional folkloric art and traditions, while it is a unique opportunity for the world to show the identity and culture of its country.

Today, the heads of the organizing Committee of the European Country Cultural festival “Europeade” were arrived at Klaipeda, the first inspection visit to Klaipėda. The second inspection visit is scheduled for March, when the registration of participants is officially completed and is organised by the International Europeade Committee in Belgium. Priority questions for an inspection visit are accommodation, meals and technical equipment for participants.

The subtleties of the program’s preparations were discussed with the city of Klaipėda, Vytautas Grubliauskas, who welcomed the arrivals and delighted that in the next year the “Europeade” Festival of the 57 will become the city of Klaipeda. Accepting the Europeade participants in Klaipeda is not only a great honor but also a responsibility, so our city name must sound like the most beautiful Gaida during the festival – rejoiced by V. Grubliauskas.

Europeade brings together people who communicate with each other in their communities, thus communicating their cultural heritage and traditions to European countries, “said President Rüdiger Hess.

Meanwhile, vthis “Klaipeda Festival” creative director and director of the festival Dalia Buckšaitė revealed what the planned work for the pre-festival is. “The festival participants will be accommodated in schools, settled on catering issues. The guides and volunteers are intensively sought to help guests orient themselves in the city. “

Around 4500 participants from more than 20 European countries are expected to receive the event. The festival’s opening and main events will take place in summer, and in the theatre square and in the various scenes of the city, Klaipeda is a daily collective entertainment.

The pioneer of Europeade was the founder of Fleming Mon De Clopper (1922-1998), the Vlaamse Volkskunstbeweging (Flemish People’s Culture Association). 1964 M. He organized the first festival in Antwerp (Belgium), where the Flemish, Dutch, English, French, German, and also emigrants from Ukraine, Yugoslavia and Poland participated in the time. Europeade strives to express small towns in the countries of the region, and is therefore very rarely held in capitals.